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Living with the Audi Q8 correspondent Ian McLaren was the custodian of Audi’s flagship Premium SUV, for a full month, during the festive season. He reports back on his experiences.  While we usually form... Read More
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Golf 7 guy to oversee Audi design

Audi has a new boss of exterior design. The VW Group has made significant changes to the structure of its premium brands. Seeking better efficiencies, without diluting the individual brands, there have been some key... Read More
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Audi R8 (2021) Specs & Pricing

After a long wait, the latest generation of Audi R8 supercar is about to touch down in South Africa. Here are the specifications and pricing. We attended the launch of this supercar in Spain, on a very wet Ascari... Read More

New Cars For SA in 2021

As 2020 draws to a close, we cast our gaze ahead to 2021 and focus our attention on the new cars that are due to arrive in South Africa in the new year. Take a look at the list below! The ongoing... Read More
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Audi Q3 Sportback (2020) Review

Audi has expanded its Q3 premium family car range by introducing a couple of Sportback derivatives to the local market. The Q3 Sportback promises fresher and more interesting looks for a slightly higher financial... Read More