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Volkswagen Amarok

Bakkies in South Africa

Bakkies in South Africa are a common sight and it doesn’t look they will be going away any time soon. Whether it’s off-road’ing on a farm in the Free State, to sitting in traffic in town or picking up the kids in... Read More
Vw Polo Gti

New VW Polo GTI launched

Aiming to be the fastest and cleanest Polo to date, the new VW Polo GTI comes packed full of enhancements and styling designs. New VW Polo GTI  is fast and sleek The Polo GTI comes with a 1.4 litre TSI engine with... Read More
Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen sales best in 2009

“Volkswagen sales in South Africa lead the passenger market in 2009 with total sales of 49 902 units, thereby securing 19.3% of the total passenger market,” said Mike Glendenning, VW of SA Director of Sales and... Read More