Car Maintenance Checks to Perform on Your Car

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Performing regular car maintenance checks on your car is an important aspect to owning a car and will ensure that your car is safe for diving and in excellent running order. This article highlights regular checks that you should perform on your car.

Important Car Maintenance Checks

There are several car maintenance checks that you need to perform on your car on a regular basis to ensure that your car is functioning the way it's meant to. Here are some checks you can perform on a regular basis,

  • Check the Oil Oil offers much needed lubrication for your engine and it's important to check your oil level often, preferably every time you fill up with fuel. Make sure that you use the correct grade motor oil for your car and be sure to change your oil regularly, preferably twice a year.
  • Check the Water Make sure that your car's water level is sufficient and don't forget to add antifreeze. Antifreeze increases the water's boiling point and prevents the water from boiling. Antifreeze also prevents water from freezing and helps cool your engine effectively. The mixing ratio is usually 50% antifreeze and 50% water. You should replace antifreeze approximately every two years. Take care when opening the water cap, especially when the engine has been running.
  • Check the Brake Fluid Make sure your break fluid is sufficient by checking your brake fluid canister. Refer to your owner's manual if you are unsure how to check your brake fluid.
  • Check the Wipers Make sure that your windscreen wipers are functioning properly and that the blades have not perished. Also, make sure that you have sufficient water in your windscreen washer. Replace your windscreen wipers at least once a year.
  • Check the Lights It's important to check that all the lights on your car are working correctly and should be checked at least once a week. If a light is not working, you may have to replace a bulb or a fuse.
  • Check the Tyres  Check your tyre pressure on a weekly basis and ensure that all the tyres are inflated to the required pressure. Check your owner's manual for the recommended tyre pressure for your car. Also, check that your tyres have sufficient tread. If they are worn out, have them replaced.
  • Check the Paint Keeping your car clean will ensure that the paint is well cared for and free of corrosion. Wash and wax your car on a regular basis. Don't use household cleaning detergents to clean your car, rather buy cleaning products designed for cars.


Apart from performing these regular car maintenance checks on your car, make sure that you have your car fully serviced as suggested by your car manufacturer. Regular servicing will ensure that your car is functioning properly and is safe to drive on the roads. Also, if you experience small issues with your car, like leaks or strange noises or smells, don't ignore them, rather seek professional advice and fix the problem as soon as possible. Summary Basic car maintenance is not difficult and only requires that you tend to the basic needs of your car on a regular basis. By performing regular car maintenance checks on your car, you avoid potentially serious problems later. A well maintained, well-serviced car will be worth more when you decide to sell your car.