Drivers license requirements in South Africa

By law, every motorist operating a vehicle in South Africa must have a valid Drivers License. Learner drivers are required to have a valid Learners License and be accompanied with a person with a valid Drivers License. This article offers advice on how to obtain a valid Drivers License in South Africa.

How do I obtain a Learner's License?

Before you can obtain a valid Drivers License, you need to obtain a Learners License. Here's what you need to do to obtain a Learner's License,
  • Learner's Licenses are issued by provincial Driving License Testing Centres (DLTC) across South Africa. To obtain a Learner's License, visit your nearest DLTC with the following,
  • Proof of Identity, preferably a South African Identity Document (ID),
  • Two black and white ID photographs,
  • Booking fee,
  • Completed form LL1 available from DLTC,
  • You will be required to complete an eye test,
  • You will also be required to pass a multiple choice theory examination. The test focuses on vehicle controls, rules of the road and traffic signs.
  • If you pass both the eye test and the theory examination, you will be issued with a Learner's License,
  • A Learner's License is valid for 24 months.
*Tip: Take your ID and booking receipt with you to the Learner's License examination.

What types of Learners Licenses are there?

There are three types of Learner's Licenses, they are as follows, Code 1 - For Motorcycles, Code 2 - For vehicles (except motorcycles), including minibuses, buses and goods vehicles, weighing less than 3,500 kg, Code 3 - For all vehicles (except motorcycles) weighing more than 3,500 kg. *Tip: Code 2 and Code 3 learner drivers must be accompanied by a fully licensed driver at all times while driving.

How do I obtain a Drivers License?

Once you have obtained your Learner's License, you can apply for your Driving License at your nearest DLTC. Here's what you need to do to obtain a Driver's License,
  • Provide your Identity Document (ID),
  • Provide a valid Learners License,
  • Complete form DL1 available from DLTC,
  • Provide two black and white ID photographs,
  • Provide the prescribed fee,
  • Using the K53 method, you will be required to pass a driving test that incorporates a yard test (parking manoeuvres) and a road test,
  • If you pass the driving test, you will be issued with a temporary Drivers License which is replaced with a permanent Drivers License within 6 months.

Can I buy a car if I don't have a Drivers License?

There is no legislative requirement in South Africa that prevents you from buying a car without a Drivers License. However, you are not permitted to drive a car without a valid Drivers License.

Can I get car finance if I don't have a Drivers License?

Providing that you are the owner of the car, you will also not be able to obtain car finance or car insurance if you don't have a valid Drivers License. Summary Obtaining a valid Drivers License is an important and necessary requirement if you want to drive a car in South Africa. Although the process of obtaining your Drivers License requires time and money, it's a worthwhile investment that you can make use of for the rest of your life. Get your Drivers License today...