Fake exhaust sound for Transit

Ms Rt1

Limited edition van? Absolutely a thing, now.

Ford has revealed a new project with its British performance partner, MS-RT.

Although most Ford performance car enthusiasts would expect a more focussed Fiesta or Focus ST, this limited edition project aims to deliver the ultimate Transit Connect.

The market for stylized compact vans might be very niche, but MS-RT have done a stellar job of giving the Transit Connect a more meaningful presence.

Only 30 of these R120 specification Transit Connects will be built and they will all be panel vans, finished in white, with contrasting black and red graphics.

In the tradition of all things fast and Ford, the Transit Connect R120 rolls multispoke OZ alloy wheels.

MS-RT has trimmed the R120 cabin with leather seats, featuring red stitching, and a smaller diameter composite sports steering wheel

Although Ford has not instructed MS-RT to fiddle with the Transit Connect R120’s 1.5-litre turbodiesel engine, it has added a quad-exhaust system.

Best of all, German aftermarket supplier Maxhaust, has supplied an artificial sound augmentation device.

This syncs with an app that Transit Connect R120 owners can access, allowing them to adjust the exhaust sound augmentation delivered by the R120’s speakers.

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