Hyundai's 447 kW EV platform

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Rapid charging and performance. 

Hyundai has announced its new vehicle platform, to rival VW.

The Korean company has spent a significant portion of its R&D budget on developing the new E-GMP platform. With Hyundai planning on having 23 electric vehicles in its product portfolio by 2025, the E-GMP is a crucial enabler towards that goal and expected to underpin 11 new models.

What MEB is to VW, this new E-GMP engineering solution is to Hyundai (and Kia). Configurable to work with products from the C-Segment to Hyundai’s largest vehicles, in the 5m range, the E-GMP platform promises many benefits.

Hyundai’s engineers have managed to contain the power- and drive units into a very compact package. This allows for a completely flat floor section, giving interior designers more space and freedom to accommodate passengers in greater comfort than ever before.

The E-GMP’s electric drive and motor system might be compact, but it will not lack potency. Although Hyundai has not confirmed the exact battery options, in terms of chemistry or specification, it says that up to 447 kW of power output will be available in the E-GMP platform’s most powerful configuration.

Hyundai’s electrical powertrain specialists have used a new hairpin wiring set-up. They claim the E-GMP’s motors spin 70% faster than anything available in the company’s electric powertrains to date.

With the ability to run up to 800V of current, there is also rapid charging capability. Hyundai is benchmarking 500 km of range as its standard offering with all new E-GMP platform electric vehicles.

Replenishing sufficient energy to achieve 80% of that range should take only 18 minutes of charging. Perhaps more impressive are the performance claims.

Hyundai is tabling 0-100 kph acceleration of only 3.5 seconds and a 260 kph top speed for its E-GMP vehicles. This is a much higher maximum velocity than rival legacy car companies are claiming for their electric vehicles.

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