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Ford Ranger South Africa

New Ford Ranger Bakkie aims high

The new Ford Ranger will be built in Pretoria, South Africa, to be sold across the globe. The new Ranger comes with a number of smart technologies, safety features and improved fuel economy. Big future for new Ford... Read More
Toyota 2010 Hilux 40 Legend

Toyota Hilux Legend 40 is born

As a sign, written in the stars, the first Toyota Hilux Legend 40 rolled off the production line on the same day that Chuck Norris celebrated his birthday. Toyota Hilux Legend 40 celebrates long history in SA The... Read More
Toyota Hilux Bakkie

Toyota Hilux takes on Arctic

The company Arctic Trucks runs expeditions and tours through the Arctic, using the Toyota Hilux. The tours gained huge popularity when they were used by Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear when he attemped (successfully) to... Read More